Yay, I got a prize from FLARE On challenge!

FLARE On Challenge is a CTF (Capture The Flag) challenge held by FireEye, in early July 2014. As usual in CTF we are required to complete missions or puzzles to get the key or flag in question.

In FlareOn there are 7 levels of challenge, and as usual in every CTF competition, the higher the level, the more difficult and time consuming it is, and it is all about reverse engineering. The targets we have to reverse also vary, ranging from PE files (.exe, .dll), .php, .pdf, to 64-bit ELF files (Linux executable). The tools I use are of course the debugger such as OllyDbg, disassembler, and many more, and also a little bit Python scripting.

flare on challenge 2014 coin

And thank God, today I got a special package from the FireEye Labs team, a prize in the form of coins. Nice! The gift was sent from USA and it took approximately 6 months to arrive at my house hahaha, well that’s took a long time.

Actually I follow this just for fun, and do it casually, when I have free time. At least I’m quite satisfied that I can complete all the missions, and it’s a pretty unique coin.